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1. Aerokopter, Sanka, AK1-3

Engine manufacturer: SuBaru

2. Aerokopter, Sanka, ZA-6

Engine manufacturer: SuBaru

3. AgustaWestland, A 109, A109 BA

Version, Variant: Ba

test: A109-Ba

test: A109Ba

test: A109 Ba

test: A 109-Ba

test: A 109Ba

test: A 109 Ba

35. Bell Helicopter, BA609, AW609

Commercial designation: Ba609

47. Canadian Home Rotors, Baby Belle, Baby Belle

Commercial designation: Baby Belle

Technical designation: Baby Belle

52. Changhe Aircraft, Bat, Z-18 J

Commercial designation: Bat

test: Bat-J

test: BatJ

test: Bat J

55. Dioferr, Diora Icepick, Kx165

Engine manufacturer: SuBaru

56. Dioferr, Diora, Kx170

Engine manufacturer: SuBaru

57. Dynali, H2, H2 S

Engine manufacturer: SuBaru

58. E-Volo, Volocopter, VC1

Landing system: airBag

63. Eurocopter, Ecureuil, AS350 BA

Version, Variant: Ba

test: AS350-Ba

test: AS350Ba

test: AS350 Ba

test: Ecureuil-Ba

test: EcureuilBa

test: Ecureuil Ba

99. Eurocopter, Puma, SA330 Ba

Version, Variant: Ba

test: SA330-Ba

test: SA330Ba

test: SA330 Ba

test: Puma-Ba

test: PumaBa

test: Puma Ba

126. IHSRC, Shabaviz, 2-75

Commercial designation: ShaBaviz

172. NADC, Barracuda, NA-42

Commercial designation: Barracuda