Jun 272012

So similar and so different!

Here are today’s updates from the two major high speed helicopter prototypes manufacturers.




We have 2 videos with significantly different targets. These  products will be showing the new state of the art of the helicopter flying.

X2 will benefit from the newest construction methods. You will have a HOTAS interface (hands on throttle and stick), so that the pilot in the middle of the combat action will keep his hands on the flying device, instead of the computer device. Fly by wire, feedback device, the man-machine will be optimised in the smallest details.

X3 looks like a smooth flying beast, capable of the most powerful vertical climbs, looking like a rocket quietly climbing to the sky. You don’t need this performance when you’re in a fight, but you would be happy of it when you need maneuverability between mountains or over the sea.


So, what’s next? We have 2 high speed helicopters, both with a main rotor and additional pushing propellers, but each concept dedicated to different markets. Does it mean that we have no chance to see them fly together within next months?

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