Jan 102014

Do you know helicopterlinks.com?

Helicopter Links’ homepage lists helicopter manufacturers worldwide, whose facilities are currently in-production, available for production, and includes several start-up and research companies.

Other information available on Helicopter Links include a section of helicopter trade shows, helicopter magazines, helicopter associations and organizations, helicopter museums, suppliers and services around the world. Continue reading »

Aug 062012

A new page has been added and improved.

You have perhaps noticed this: it is now possible to see the current catalog of products of every manufacturer.


You can see all aircraft currently produced and also display only military or civil helicopters.

A small improvement was brought as well. For each manufacturer, not only their own models are displayed, but also aircraft built under license or in the frame of a partnership.


For example, Bell used to develop AB609 (later BA609), but left the program. The aircraft is now under full responsibility of Agusta Westland. For this reason, the only denomination displayed on Bell’s page is AW609.

Another example is the NH90 which is sold by NHI, but actually built by Agusta Westland, Eurocopter and Fokker Aerostructures. Therefore, you will see the aircraft appear on the pages of AW and EC, but under the name of NHI.


If you notice any information missing or mistake, please use the contact form.

Mar 292012

Things are moving very slowly with the website. I’m sorry for that! But great changes and improvements will come.

First, you will be able to take part to the completion of the database. A log-in area and several levels will give you different possibilities to bring your ideas and knowledge.

Currently, you are approximately 1000 people every month to visit the website. I hope you enjoy this website and the information you find here are useful.

However, because the field is very technical, we have to be very rigorous in the descriptions and the data. Needless to say, the sources of information must be reliable and justified. But we also have to better define which data exactly we have online.

I got a remark today concerning the amount of crew members and pax for a helicopter. It appeared then that it’s unclear to say that the number of crew members is, let’s say, 2. Is it the number of pilots necessary to fly the helicopter? Or do you consider the mission? If you consider a modern rescue helicopter, you might be able to fly with a single pilot. But if you go in the mountains, you would need a copilot. Furthermore, if you use a winch, a third crew member must be there. So from a single pilot, you reach a minimum crew of 3 people!

Another point is the power of the engines, which is really not sufficiently described. To be precise, it is necessary to provide the power available at different altitudes and different temperatures.

If improvement ideas come to you, do not hesitate to share it with the contact formular!

Jul 312011

Hello visitor,

After slight improvements of the site, such as the implementation of a Flot interactive graph, this blog will show some of the latest modifications.

This site is meant to live and to be perfected. Do not hesitate to send your ideas and comments.