May 012014

MD530G is based on the MD530F platform with few modifications in order to convert it into a gunship.

High capacity landing gear allowing an additional 400 lbs of the 3750 lbs maximun take off gross weight

Integration of the ER2W (Extended Range Weapons Wing) with 4 weapon stations for:

The cocpkit is equipped with the Garmin 500H and a multi function display

Behind the seats is installed the MOOG store management system for both inner and outer weapon stations, composed of 3 separate components, providing the weapons situation and the situational awareness to the crew:

    • store management computer
    • rocket interface unit
    • stores interface unit

The L3 Wescam MX10 provides EO (Electro Optics) and IR (Infra Red) sensors to the multi function display in the cockpit, and the laser guidance for the guided rockets.